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BuildMate enables you to easily automate the build process of your REALbasic applications. From executing nightly builds to reducing a complicated build process to just a single command, BuildMate has the flexibility and extensibility to handle most build processes.
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Source Code

SQLite Schema Editor
The SQLiteSchemaEditor class simplifies the process of making changes to your database schema in code. This class can handle changes such as dropping and changing columns, that are not built into the SQLite engine.

PHP Database API
This PHP library provides an alternate API for accessing REAL Server, MySQL, and Postgres databases. The API is the same across all engines so your code can remain portable and flexible for different backends.

SSL Socket Listen Example
This example shows how to have a secure server with the SSLSocket. It comes with an example self-signed certificate that can be used with the localhost domain.

ProxySock Class
This is a subclass of TCPSocket which allows you to connect through a SOCKSv4 or SOCKSv5 proxy server. The code is somewhat legacy, but still seems to work until I get a chance to update it some day.

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